Business Resources
Farmer Veteran Coalition provides resources to help you start and grow your business. Whether you are in the process of starting a farm, or expanding an existing one, we can help.
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I find land?
  • How do I finance my farm?
  • How do I create a business plan?
  • How do a build a legal plan?
  • Which marketing strategy is best for me?
  • Do I need a crop plan?
  • How do I comply with food safety regulations?
  • Should I join a farm organization?
Resource Guides: Veteran Careers in Agriculture Resource Guide Farmer Veteran Coalition Career Assessment Workbook Government Resources Guide for Farmer Veterans Other Resources: Ag-Squared Center for Farm Financial Management Farm Business Planning

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Farmer Veteran Coalition is the nation’s largest nonprofit organization assisting veterans–and currently serving members–of the armed forces to embark on careers in agriculture. With a nationwide network of more than 30,000 veterans—and growing—we’re helping America’s bravest men and women serve our country a second time, by feeding it.