State Chapters

FVC State Chapters increase membership and participation in the farmer veteran movement, provide a means of grassroots support for farmer veterans within each chapter’s territory, and encourage and locate eligible veterans for the multitude of programs and services that FVC provides. To go directly to their site, click on a state below.

FVC State Chapters

Statewide chapters provide FVC with the capability to integrate veterans into local agricultural communities.

  • Chapters bridge the gap between a nationally-driven movement of farmer veterans and the state and county-level resources that will help them achieve success in agriculture
  • We rely heavily on our state chapters to connect with members for their individual needs
  • Chapters offer an additional way for us to personalize the farmer veteran experience

Joining a state chapter — or helping to start one — offers significant benefits

  • Collaborate with other members on local projects, participate in local agricultural opportunities
  • Engage in networking with and building your surrounding community
  • Contribute to helping your fellow farmer veterans in the local region

Don’t have a chapter in your state? See below to find out how to start one.

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