State Chapters

FVC State Chapters increase membership and participation in the farmer veteran movement, provide a means of grassroots support for farmer veterans within each chapter’s territory, and encourage and locate eligible veterans for the multitude of programs and services that FVC provides. To go directly to their site, click on a state below.

FVC State Chapters

Statewide chapters provide FVC with the capability to integrate veterans into local agricultural communities.

  • Chapters bridge the gap between a nationally-driven movement of farmer veterans and the state and county-level resources that will help them achieve success in agriculture
  • We rely heavily on our state chapters to connect with members for their individual needs
  • Chapters offer an additional way for us to personalize the farmer veteran experience

Joining a state chapter — or helping to start one — offers significant benefits

  • Collaborate with other members on local projects, participate in local agricultural opportunities
  • Engage in networking with and building your surrounding community
  • Contribute to helping your fellow farmer veterans in the local region

Don’t have a chapter in your state? See below to find out how to start one.

Farmer Veteran Coalition Chapters
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Chapter Bio

Washington Chapter of Farmer Veteran Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the next generation of veteran farmers and food leaders. We believe that veterans possess the unique skills and character needed to strengthen rural communities and create sustainable food systems. Our mission is to provide veterans with the resources and support they need to succeed in farming, and to promote healing, resilience, and a sense of purpose through meaningful work in agriculture.

Chapter Bio
The Farmer Veteran Coalition works with veterans in the food and farming community in all 50 states and U.S. Territories.
Chapter Bio
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Chapter Bio
In conjunction with the Homegrown by Heroes program, the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) aims to support farmer veterans with essential training, financial services, business plans, and even support with equipment purchases. Both initiatives tap into the inherent skills and character traits unique to farmers and service members. As described on the FVC website, the new Arkansas Chapter of the Farmer Veteran Coalition connects veterans, active-duty military, and their families in Arkansas to our state’s many agriculture and veteran resources. They also work in concert with programs like Arkansas Grown Homegrown by Heroes to host events and training opportunities to assist with networking, education, and connection to fellow Arkansas farmer veterans. FVC chapters are a great way to integrate farmer veterans into local agricultural communities. They bridge the gap between a nationally driven movement and resources at the state and county level to help them reach their full potential in the agriculture industry. They are also essential for sharing regional opportunities with their members. According to the most recent Census figures, over 7,800 Arkansas farmers identified as current or former members of our armed forces and collectively manage over 1.7 million acres of Arkansas farmland. This underscores the impact farmer veterans have on our Arkansas ag industry. To date, the Arkansas chapter of FVC serves over 500 members. HOMEGROWN BY HEROES IN ARKANSAS Tammy Sue’s Critters demonstrates the value veteran-owned and operated farms in Arkansas add to our agricultural industry. Located in North Little Rock, this business is a shining example of the resilience and success of a Homegrown by Heroes farm. Tammy Sue and her husband have a storied history of DIY crafting and homesteading with a mind-boggling array of trades under their belt. On any given day, Tammy Sue and her family can be found tending to their many farm animals, cultivating their herb garden, gathering honey from their beehives, or crocheting washcloths. Tammy Sue’s goat’s milk is used to make everything from homemade soap to ice cream and yogurt. She also produces a wide variety of lotions and salves made with natural ingredients for dry skin or even to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay! Due to this family’s unparalleled motivation and resourcefulness, it comes as no surprise that their many products are found in farmers markets, craft shows, and retail outlets across Arkansas. If they are not on shelves near you yet, you can always visit their online store to have their quality handmade goods delivered directly from their farm to your doorstep. A MISSION TO GROW For those veteran farmers who have yet to participate in the Farmer Veteran Coalition and Homegrown by Heroes programs, you too can still enjoy the success Tammy Sue and Skip have found with their help. Visit the Homegrown by Heroes webpage to learn more about both programs and how to join.
Chapter Bio
Welcome to the official page of the Idaho chapter of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, where we are dedicated to the mission of Mobilizing Veterans to Feed America. Our goal is to cultivate a fresh wave of farmers and food leaders while fostering prosperous employment and fulfilling careers through the powerful alliance of the farming and military communities. We firmly believe that veterans possess exceptional skills and qualities that can enrich rural areas, fortify communities, and establish sustainable food systems. At the heart of our mission lies the conviction that agriculture provides purpose, opportunity, and both physical and psychological well-being.