Official FVC “Veteran Careers in Agriculture” Resource Guide to Be Released March 1st

Veteran Careers in Agriculture Resource Guide

After two years, it’s finally here: the official FVC “Veteran Careers in Agriculture: A Resource Guide,” a new manual that’s packed with information about farming and business for veterans looking to start their sustainable farming career!

This useful, 21-page informational guide will be the first farming manual in the nation to focus specifically on helping veterans take on the transition from being service members to soldiers of the farming field. The guide will offer business tips, real-life farmer veteran stories, and the tools you’ll need to start the foundation of your organic farming business with worksheets, information on funding, farm education, partner organizations, and lots more.

Whether you’re just starting out or already an expert on farming, “Veteran Careers in Agriculture” is an all-around handy guide to starting, growing and improving your sustainable farm. The guide is a joint effort in collaboration with the USDA and Farm Credit to provide a window of opportunity for veteran jobs in the business of farming and ranching.

When you open the guide, you’ll be greeted by introductory letters from Farmer Veteran Coalition Founder and Director Michael O’Gorman and United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. In their letters, they discuss the booming opportunities that the agricultural industry has for returning veterans and why when it comes to farming, veterans are the right people for the job. O’Gorman writes to readers, “Veterans make excellent farmers. They are not afraid of difficult tasks, they stand up when they are knocked down, they understand the need to be acutely aware of everything around them, and most of all, they are driven by doing what is right for their country.

The print edition of “Veteran Careers in Agriculture: A Resource Guide” will be available at no cost to military veterans at the FVC Davis office at 508 2nd Street, Suite 206 Davis, CA 95616 on March 1st , or you can download it here on our website.