USDA Announces Partnership with Farmer Veteran Coalition to Provide Agricultural Credit Training

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9, 2015 — The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced a partnership with the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) to conduct agricultural credit training sessions in the Midwest for military veterans and beginning farmers and ranchers. Farmer Veteran Coalition has already conducted four such workshops in Iowa and Michigan. States under consideration to host the next workshops include Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska.

“USDA is excited to team up with the Farmer Veteran Coalition,” said Lanon Baccam, USDA Farm and Foreign Agricultural Service Deputy Under Secretary, and Military Veterans Agricultural Liaison. “These workshops will provide individuals interested in farming as a career, including military veterans, with methods to improve business planning and financial skills, and improve understanding of the risk management tools that can help small farm operations.”

Other partners include Niman Ranch – a community network of more than 700 independent family farmers and ranchers – and the Farm Credit Council and the Farm Credit System, which provides loans, leases and financial services to farmers, ranchers and rural businesses across the United States. The workshops will also include assistance with credit applications and introductions to local or regional food markets.

For more information about Farmer Veteran Coalition’s efforts to train beginning and aspiring farmer veterans, contact or call 530-756-1395.