Homegrown By Heroes Label Honors Farmer Veteran’s Service

Throughout our nation’s history, service men and women have always stood at the ready to answer the call of duty. From the Revolutionary War to the Global War on Terrorism, America has called upon its brave men and women to rise to challenges, both at home and abroad.

Now, as two out of every three farmers who reach retirement age are not being replaced, veterans are once again answering the call. To honor this call to service, the Homegrown By Heroes label was established to differentiate farmer veteran products, provide point-of-sale visibility, and afford consumers the opportunity to support farmer veterans.

Established in 2013 by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Homegrown By Heroes is available to farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and value-added producers, who own 50% or more of a business or operation, and are veterans of the armed forces with a characterization of service of Honorable or General (Under Honorable Conditions). With the announcement, the Homegrown By Heroes label now has partnerships with 12 states: Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Maine, and Indiana.

Since Farmer Veteran Coalition assumed stewardship of the label on Veterans Day 2013, Homegrown By Heroes has blossomed into a nationally recognized program by the United States Department of Agriculture, and includes more than 400 members in 46 states.

“The Homegrown By Heroes label empowers veterans to stand out in a competitive marketplace,” said Aaron Magill, Army veteran and manager of Homegrown By Heroes. “It gives your product a personal, appreciable touch that links you to your community.”

Despite Homegrown by Heroes’ rapid growth since 2013, there is still a long way to go before it achieves the same kind of brand recognition as established labels like ‘USDA Organic.’ However, as more members learn about the benefits of product labeling, particularly differentiating themselves as veterans, FVC hopes the label will become a household name.

“It’s not about calling ourselves heroes,” said Magill. “It’s about marketing to those who recognize your military service as being something of great value. It’s a way for civilians to support veterans in a tangible way.”

So far, Homegrown By Heroes has partnerships with 12 states—Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Maine—but hopes to expand to all 50. In many cases, partner states seamlessly merge their department of agriculture marketing campaigns with the Homegrown By Heroes label.

“Imagine having an Indiana Grown label and Homegrown By Heroes label on your product,” said Magill. “That’s instant credibility and legitimacy for our farmer veterans.”

For more information about becoming Homegrown By Heroes certified, or to join, please visit or email