Dadant & Sons Offers FVC Members 10% Discount

With Spring upon us and planting season right around the corner, Farmer Veteran Coalition is pleased to announce a new member benefit courtesy of Dadant & Sons, Inc., the largest manufacturer of beekeeping supplies in the United States.

The new benefit provides Farmer Veteran Coalition members with a 10% discount on in-store purchases but does not include medicines, feed or bulk containers.

To use the benefit at one of Dadant’s 11 nationwide locations, inform the representative that you are an FVC member interested in using the 10% discount. The representative will then need to verify your membership with FVC, which may include making a phone call to their main office, so be sure to bring your state-issued identification card and military or Veterans Affairs identification card, if possible.

Based in Hamilton, Illinois, Dadant & Sons, Inc., has been operating in the United States since 1863, but the Dadant family has been interested in beekeeping for more than 180 years dating back to founder Charles Dadant’s childhood in Vaux-Soux-Aubigny, France. As a beekeeping industry leader, Dadant & Sons, Inc., has been publishing the American Bee Journal—originally established in 1861 by Samuel Wagner—since 1912, which holds the distinction of being the oldest English-language beekeeping publication in the world.

Dadant & Sons, Inc., has branches in the following locations:

    •Hamilton, Illinois
    •Frankfort, Kentucky
    •Chatham, Virginia
    •Watertown, Wisconsin
    •Waverly, New York
    •Paris, Texas
    •Sioux City, Iowa
    •High Springs, Florida
    •Albion, Michigan
    •Fresno, California
    •Chico, California

For more information about Dadant & Sons, Inc., please visit their website at

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