FVC Staff Spotlight

Meet Lori Newton, on of FVC’s Veteran Service Providers. When you call the 855-FVC-FARM number, you will most likely speak with Lori. When you have a question about FVC, agriculture, education or training opportunities, government resources start with calling the Veteran Service Provider. If Lori can’t answer your question, she will put you in touch with someone who can!

Originally from Waco, Texas; Lori is no stranger to the military or to agriculture. One of her grandfathers was active duty for 29 years and is a retired army colonel, and the other operates a cattle and goat ranch in central Texas. Lori attended Texas A&M University and dual majored in agricultural communication/journalism and agricultural leadership. After graduation, Lori moved to Ukraine to work with at-risk youth. When the pandemic hit, she took the last plane home and worked as a primary school substitute teacher until Lori joined Farmer Veteran Coalition in 2023.

“I have a passion for agriculture and a deep respect for those who have served. I am honored to assist people in the transition from military service to the agriculture industry.”