Staff Spotlight: DeShauna Hollie


DeShauna Hollie grew up in Texas and is a native Wacoan. She moved away to attend college in Illinois at Greenville College where she studied History and Political Science. After college, she spent some time volunteering and living in an intentional Christian Community in Comer, GA called Jubilee Partners. At Jubilee, she had the opportunity to work with refugees, teach English, and work in a community garden.


It was at Jubilee where DeShauna learned the importance of supporting food systems that feed entire communities. After leaving Jubilee, DeShauna moved to Philadelphia to attend graduate school at Eastern University where she studied Urban Economic Development. Her experience at Eastern University equipped her to work with nonprofits, providing her with skills in both resource and community development. Eastern University is where DeShauna really began to learn how to look for the different effects of community-organizing initiatives on community members, especially within urban communities. DeShauna saw neighbors, churches, and organizations working together to build gardens, start small businesses, and bring farmers markets/fresh food access to their neighborhoods. This knowledge and these experiences have driven DeShauna’s desire to work and volunteer with nonprofits.


DeShauna moved back to Waco in late 2008 to be closer to family and spent many years working as an educator. Since being back in Waco, DeShauna has spent a lot of time volunteering on community boards and with community organizations that focus on a range of initiatives. Her own interest in community agriculture, as well as having family members who served in the military, made her a good fit for Farmer Veteran Coalition.


At Farmer Veteran Coalition DeShauna works as our Grant Coordinator managing deliverables, budgets, and putting proposals together. When she’s not serving on boards and committees, DeShauna likes to spend time riding her bike around town, writing haikus, and trying to grow plants.