AMS Veterans Corner: AMS Partners with other Veterans Groups


Photo l to r: Gary Simpson, AMS Associate Administrator Erin Morris, and Lawrence Rhone.

AMS Associate Administrator Erin Morris recently welcomed Lawrence Rhone of the Farmers Veteran Coalition and Gary Simpson, the Transition Coordinator for Navy Wounded Warrior, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland, to USDA Headquarters. The AMS Veterans Group works closely with the Farmers Veteran Coalition and Navy Wounded Warrior to provide a results driven approach for our nation’s veterans as they transition from the military into civilian life.

During the meeting, Erin had an opportunity to hear the many ways AMS helps veterans gain opportunities through interagency and nonprofit partnerships. They also discussed how to bring education and training opportunities as well as direct assistance to veterans in their beginning years of farming and ranching by providing a results driven approach. Currently, AMS Veterans comprise approximately 9.6% of AMS employees. This puts AMS on track to meet the groups’ hiring benchmark of 8% by the end of Fiscal Year 2023. If the goal is met, it will be a 2% hiring increase in comparison to fiscal year 2022.

Gary had an opportunity to thank AMS for its continued partnership in developing transitioning service members and equipping them with the vital skillsets and opportunities AMS has to offer. Lawrence and Gary also met Administrator Bruce Summers and Acting Chief of Staff Darrell Hughes during their visit. Both organizations look forward to continuing the partnership and making veterans a part of the fabric of AMS.

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