Simplifying the DFAP as the deadline approaches

dfap image

Less than a month remains until applications are closed for the Discrimination Financial Assistance Program. In a final push to help get the word out and provide support to applicants, Farmer Veteran Coalition and its partners remind everyone that assistance is available to help get through this application.

FVC staffers recently visited a technical assistance office in Katy, Texas, which has people dedicated to helping folks with the DFAP application. Employed by Analytic Acquisitions, Malissa Burgess, Michelle McCue, and Asucena Nunez have already spent countless hours providing technical assistance. They expect to get much busier with more visits as the January 13, 2024 deadline nears.

Malissa said that they generally set aside 1½ hours to work with applicants, though they often block off 2 hours, which allows an additional 30 minutes to answer questions. She said many people have told them they are reluctant to tackle the 40-page application. To help ease those concerns, she has come up with 10 simple steps to get through the application.

Malissa has used this method several times for her clients, and it has made a difference in completing the application, she said.

They also encourage people to complete the application online, and can assist them with that in the office. Michelle says working online saves a lot of time, because not only does it save your progress throughout, it skips sections that don’t apply to the applicant. That can significantly cut the time it takes to complete it, Michelle added. To apply online, click HERE.

Asucena has noted that they also provide assistance in Spanish. She said that it’s important for applicants to share their story of discrimination and financial losses, and to include as many details as they can as they work on the application.

As a reminder, applications close on January 13, 2024. For those seeking assistance in completing their application, reach out to or visit

Malissa also featured on an episode with Vets in Ag Podcast, going over the program and does a great job of condensing the application process into digestible parts with practical ways to navigate each step. To listen to the podcast episode, click here: