FVC Executive Director Appointed to TSCRA Committee

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The Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association appointed Farmer Veteran Coalition Executive Director Jeanette Lombardo to its TSCRA Natural Resources & Wildlife Committee. Her two-year term began in March.

The TSCRA Natural Resources & Wildlife Committee is one of the organization’s standing committees.

“The Farmer Veteran Coalition has many members who are cattle ranchers throughout our country,” Lombardo said. “Texas, Nebraska, California, and Oklahoma are some of the top cattle-producing states in the country. Water is a top concern in many of these states as populations grow and drought persists. Difficult decisions need to be made, and I am looking forward to being a part of that discussion.”

TSCRA represents more than 26,000 beef cattle producers, ranching families, and businesses that manage approximately 4 million head of cattle on 76 million acres of range and pasture land, primarily in Texas and Oklahoma.

Lombardo has decades of experience with agricultural water concerns. She has served on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Farmer, Rancher, and Rural Communities Advisory Board, the California EPA Regional Water Resources Board, and she is a co-founder of Global Water Innovations.

She also will serve on a TSCRA subcommittee for water.

The committee met May 8 in Fort Worth, Texas, to discuss existing policy as well as shape upcoming policies. It is led by chairman James Clement III of Kingsville, Texas. The vice chairman is Andrew Polk of Fort Worth.

The group will meet again as part of a larger TSCRA summer meeting in San Antonio in June.