Army Vet Dives Into Oyster Farming

Farmer Veteran Coalition member Michael Misson owns and operates Little A’s Oysters, a two-acre oyster farm in the Great South Bay on Long Island, New York. Misson, who served in the Army from 1985 to 1990, has future plans to expand his operation to help disabled veterans get set up with their own oyster farms.

“I love everything about it,” Misson said. “In a way it is like getting paid to go fishing. Oyster farming gets in your blood. This is a brand new industry, which makes it even more fun. Kind of like pioneers since everything we are doing is trial and error. Really a dream job being out on the water in all kinds of weather, dealing with all kinds of strange stuff that comes up.”

Stay tuned for an upcoming feature story on Misson and Little A’s Oysters.