Paula and her husband met in Afghanistan. Rusty was serving as a squad leader in the Marine Infantry and Paula as an Army Civil Affairs sergeant. Both experienced the intensity of working In Country during the height of conflict and the toll that takes on one’s body. 17 years after attending a Marine Corps Ball in Hawaii, the Campbells are raising four children together on a diversified farmstead.

After a relocation RV travel adventure during the pandemic, the Campbells put down roots not far from Paula’s uncle’s dairy farm. They have five productive acres where they raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, poultry, and have an apiary. Paula said she had “always known some kind of farming was something I wanted to do” but the cold Ohio winters made her preliminary idea of cut-flower farming impractical. She soon discovered her next mission in beekeeping.

With each child enrolled in their local 4-H club they have raised hogs, geese, ducks, turkeys, and chickens. Each project cultivated the valuable life lessons that “even when it’s 10 degrees below zero outside there are chores to be done!” One specific project introduced the family to beekeeping and their apiary plans took flight.

The Campbell children have gained valuable animal husbandry skills with the help of Paula’s extensive background as an EMT. Recently, those skills were put to the test when she delivered baby goats for the first time surrounded by her family.

Receiving a Fellowship Fund award through the generous funding support of The Wounded Warrior Project has meant that their family farm will be able to finally buy the UTV they have been saving for and get closer to meeting their goals set out in their 10-year business plan.