Adam Ingrao joined the Army in 2003, following in the footsteps of three generations of his family to serve before him, from the Vietnam era back to WWI. After one year of service, Adam suffered a career-ending injury, leaving him a service connected disabled vet. In a position to reevaluate his career goals, Adam turned to agriculture.

He began his studies at the California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly), earning a degree in Agriculture and Environmental Plant Sciences with a focus on entomology. At Cal Poly, Adam took his first bee-keeping class. He assisted his professor in maintaining a 20-hive bee yard, learned to rear queens, split hives, and remove wild swarms. Adam then relocated to Michigan, where he is currently pursuing a PhD in entomology. He is adding to his skill set by studying over wintering practices in northern latitudes. Adam was awarded the prestigious Plant Science Fellowship from Michigan State, is the chair of the Veterans in Ag working group, and an active member of the state’s Beekeepers Association.

All of this research and experience demonstrates that Adam is well positioned for success in his endeavors as the owner and operator of Bee Wise Farms. Adam and his wife Lacey keep their hives on four acres adjacent to a nature preserve in Lansing, MI. Farmer Veteran Coalition awarded Adam a Fellowship through Prairie Grove Farms, allowing him to expand his hives and purchase necessary equipment for his business to succeed.

Adam’s long-term goals are to offer free, hands-on, beekeeping workshops for veterans interested in agriculture. “This work is my life’s passion, and my way of continuing to serve my brothers and sisters who stood by me in uniform,” Adam states. Adam is pioneering the research and implementation of sustainable beekeeping in an effort to bolster our nation’s food security.