Bradley grew up on a small farm in Petaluma, CA where his family raised Angus cattle and Shropshire sheep. After four years in the Army, he became the Deputy Sheriff of Sonoma County. During his 30 year career as Deputy Sheriff, Bradley worked as a civilian contractor embedded within military units and deployed 5 times to Iraq and Afghanistan. His law enforcement training is extensive; SWAT team leader, range master, canine handler, air crew medic, EMT, and 2 Presidential protective detail assignments.

Bradley and his wife, Amanda, operate Shamrock Ranch in Oregon. Amanda comes from a long line of Sonoma Valley farmers and ranchers. Her family were some of the first to become certified organic in Sonoma County. Shamrock Ranch is an organic mixed vegetable farm with 30 laying hens, 3 horses, and 1 heifer. Bradley and Amanda own 315 acres, some of it is wooded and some is pasture. In the 2015 growing season, they plan to expand the chicken flock, purchase a second dairy cow, and add a pumpkin patch.

Farmer Veteran Coalition was able to help with some of these expansion plans by awarding Bradley a Fellowship to purchase a brown Swiss cow. This Fellowship was supported by the Newman’s Own foundation. Shamrock Ranch products are sold through direct sales in the local community, under the Homegrown by Heroes label.