Cameron West

Meet Cameron West. His positive energy is infectious. And he keeps amazing perspective – he boasts being one of the most blessed men on the planet.

Cameron served 5 years in the Marine Corps, deploying in support of OEF. It was in Afghanistan he encountered an IED, losing his right leg, the use of his right hand, and vision in his right eye. After two years in rehabilitation at Balboa Naval Hospital, Cameron was stationed at Camp Pendelton, before retiring in 2013.

Now Cameron owns and operates West Hondo Ranch, a 140 acre cow/calf operation in Georgia, with his wife and children.

He purchased his first heifers in January 2019 and last May FVC awarded him a $4,800 Fellowship grant to expand his livestock fencing.

“My years of service in the Marine Corps Infantry taught me that anything is possible with sweat and grit teeth. The loss of my right leg above the knee, the loss of most of the use of my right hand, and my right eye has not changed my thought process but instead reinforced my willingness to adapt and overcome those physical obstacles and follow my passion to raise beef cattle.

My children are what I am most proud of in my life. I am able to spend every day with them and looking forward to the years of teaching them about agriculture and will be passing on the family ranch to them one day.”

Cameron spent all of last summer installing his high tensile fencing that his grant purchased. Now he can implement pasture rotation for his animals on his ranch.

“This was a great addition to the infrastructure of the ranch and will increase productivity. I can’t thank Farm Vet Coalition enough!”

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