Chase Hansen currently serves in the Army Reserves, while operating Serenity Mountain Farms in Granby, CO.  His 12-acre farm sits at 9,000 ft. elevation, in the Rocky Mountains. Through the Fellowship program, Farmer Veteran Coalition purchased a passive-solar greenhouse so Chase can combat the winter temperatures that drop below zero. The greenhouse will extend the growing season for the many varieties of vegetables grown at Serenity Mountain.

Growing up, Chase worked on his maternal grandfather’s dairy farm and his paternal grandfather’s horse ranch, gaining an in-depth knowledge of livestock handling. In spring of 2015, Chase completed a Controlled Environmental Agriculture course offered through Colorado State University. He also holds a degree in Business Management, and has owned a construction company. In his rural community, Chase volunteers his time in support of several Veterans organizations; Rocky Mountain Warriors, the American Legion, and Project Sanctuary.

In the next five years, Chase plans to expand his operation to include livestock and to make value-added farm products, such as cheese and soap made from goat’s milk. His long-term goal is to create a healing space for veterans to learn about farming. Chase says, “It’s not easy to come to the life a soldier once had. Serenity Mountain Farms will provide veterans serenity in the mountains while learning a new career path.”