Doug Pinkerton spent nine years active duty in the Air Force, earning a degree in civil engineering along the way. After separating from active duty, Doug began a career as an Advanced Rescue Technician for the Nashville fire department, a position he still holds. Missing the camaraderie of military life, he reentered as a Reservist with the National Guard.

20150306_194424In Northern Indiana, Doug grew up on a 100 head dairy operation. His family also produced more than 500 acres of field crops, including corn, wheat, and soybeans. Like many of our farmer veterans, Doug’s agricultural knowledge goes back to a childhood spent in the 4H program, learning about animal care and management.

Doug operates Pinkerton farms outside of Castalian Springs, Tennessee. He has 20 acres with field crops, poultry, 2 horses, a donkey, and Jersey steers. Doug has a contract with a local 100 head dairy to purchase and raise the bull calves that are born at his operation. He also works with contracted ranchers to do custom bailing.

In summer 2015, Doug was able to purchase a disc mower with funds he was awarded through FVC’s Fellowship program. By upgrading to a newer mower, Doug is saving lots of time that he was spending repairing his old equipment. Doug used his new mower the week it arrived, and says “What a tremendous difference this makes, cut my mowing time in half and with the better cut, it looks like I will also increase my yield.”