Dylan Thomas launched Two Pines Farm in 2012, when he was discharged from active duty after eight years of service in the Army.  He grew up on a 150-head cattle ranch in Tennessee, sparking his desire to become a farmer.  As an active member of FFA, Dylan mastered the science of animal husbandry at a young age. He spent a season working on a large confinement pork operation before starting his farm, with the intention of gaining experience. Dylan and his wife raise pastured purebred Berkshire hogs, meat chickens, and laying hens. They also grow many varieties of organic vegetables.

As a veteran owned family farm, all of Two Pines Farm products proudly sport the Homegrown by Heroes label. FVC has introduced the Thomas’ to Niman Ranch and they have begun selling pork under the NR label. Their meat and eggs are available in several stores around Chicago. Additionally, the Thomas’ plan to start a CSA in 2016, providing their neighbors with local produce and protein.

In May 2015, FVC awarded Dylan a Fellowship grant to drill a deep well on his farm in Marcellus, Michigan. He previously had access to a shallow well, but besides the insufficient amount of water it provides it also freezes in the winter. A deeper well will produce the water he needs to care for his animals and crops year-round. This was made possible through the generous contributions of Prairie Grove Farms.