Joseph Fancher

Southern Style Farms   |   North Carolina   |   Army

Joe Fancher has 29 years of service to the nation as a Special Forces Green Beret and currently serves as the SWCS CSM.

Beekeeping is his family passion.  Like other farmers, he got into beekeeping as a means to increase the number of local pollinators.  But, along the way, his family has fallen in love with the honey bee.

Born into his own family farm as a 3rd generation dairy farmer in upstate NY, Joe now runs a fifteen hive apiary at Southern Style Farms and co-ops with other beekeepers in their region.  Their hives include the traditional Langstroth beehive, as well as flow and mason jar hives.  From spring through summer, Joe and his family put out swarm traps and conduct cutouts to relocate unwanted honey bees to their farm.

One of the main goals at Southern Style Farms is that their products are harvested sustainably.  They follow guidelines for organic and natural honey production.  They hope to develop into a diverse business that makes geographic and economic sense, while offering opportunities to the community.

Each year Joe’s family runs a Jr. Beekeepers and Beekeepers 101 Course for the public, holding the belief that teaching is the highest form of learning.  Their farm supports agriculture, veterans, and youth groups.

Joe is a member of the Harnett County Beekeepers Association and a proud member of FVC.

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