Kevin did not grow up on a farm; rather he turned to farming after his service in the Marine Corps. During his four years of service, Kevin was deployed twice in support of OIF. “Since I have separated from service, I have been searching for something that makes me feel like I am still part of something good and important. Being a farmer is it!”

Kevin LanziThrough the Fellowship Fund, Kevin was awarded a Bob Woodruff Farming Fellowship. This fellowship will pay for The Circle Fresh Farm training program, which will equip Kevin with the necessary production and business skills to run his own organic greenhouse hydroponic operation.

The Circle Fresh Farm training program is made of up 4 modules: Growing Systems Construction, Greenhouse Maintenance and Operations, Plant Propagation, and Business Management Skills. The goal of the training program is for participants to leave the training program with a business plan, which will enable them to begin their own greenhouse operation. The Circle Fresh Farms training program will bring Kevin one step closer to operating a farm of his own and a successful career in agriculture.