Paul Greive served 4 years as a Marine Intelligence Officer, including a tour in Southern Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2009. As part of a Military Transition Team, he was an advisor to the Iraqi Army, a patrol leader, and a machine gunner.

After the Marine Corps he and his family started Primal Pastures, which raises pastured, no soy/GMO chicken and eggs for local customers throughout Southern California. The farm has been a huge success, providing California’s highest quality chicken and eggs to over 150 families in their first year of operations. Primal Pastures plans to expand into grass fed beef, sheep, pigs, and raw dairy during 2013.

As a veteran with passion for farming but absolutely no farming background, Paul is excited to help fellow veterans pursue a career in sustainable farming. He is also in the MBA program at UCLA Anderson studying how to change the American meat industry for the better.