Shaun Alf is an Army veteran of 16 years, and continues his service with the Reserves. He holds a Master’s degree in Communication and Marketing, and is working toward a second degree in Sociology. He has spent five years as an adjunct professor at VA Commonwealth College, Virginia College, and Florida Tech.

Shaun Alf FarmCheerful Chicken Farm is a small operation located in Disputanta, VA. Shaun and his family raise livestock using a rotational grazing system that simulates multi-species animal migrations. “Our goal is to preserve and strengthen our soil food web through careful management and keeping the farm free of herbicides, pesticides, and tilling,” says Shaun. There is no lack of ambition on this farm. Some of Shaun’s goals are to transition to grow all supplemental feed for his livestock on his farm, produce vegetable crops year-round, and host educational workshops about sustainable farming practices.

Shaun was granted a Fellowship, funded by the Newman’s Own Foundation. With the funds, Shaun was able to acquire center rolling nesting boxes for his portable chicken tractor. This has been a cleaner and far more efficient means to collect eggs, and also keeps the chickens away from the belt, and out of harm’s way. The Fellowship also provided for FVC to purchase 300 pullets for Shaun’s sustainable chicken operation. These pullets are producing quality eggs, marketed with the Homegrown by Heroes label. Visit Cheerful Chicken Farm on Facebook to watch Shaun and Heather Alf’s videos about chicken tractors, setting egg prices, and more.