Terrell “Spence” Spencer spent 9 years in the US Army Reserve, deploying as a machine gunner to Iraq. After his military service, Spence and his wife Carla started Across the Creek Farm in West Fork, Arkansas. The couple raise poultry, goats and greenhouse vegetables.

Of all the Farmer Veterans, Spence is always the first to offer advice and help to his fellow grantees. Spence has made an extremely successful transition from military life to a farming career and FVC is proud to have him as part of the FVC Farmer Veteran network.

In 2011, Spence was awarded a Bob Woodruff Farming Fellowship through the Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund. This grant allowed Spence to purchase a used tractor, front-end loader and brush hog. This equipment has enabled Spence to clear and manage his land, which has allowed him to grow his farm operation.